Apply For An Escort Job

  • In case you’re an escort who needs to work with a world-class group situated in the city, offering services in adjusting cities, we welcome you to round out and present the structure on this page.
  • All fields in this visit form are obligatory because we need to offer our customers all the data about your physical appearance. Email address and your telephone number will stay secret, and we will utilize these just to speak with you.
  • Remember to writing your careful Working Name to appear as the title of your profile. Likewise, if you don’t mind indicate if you drive.
  • You should realize that we team up with young ladies with a glad character, anxious to meet clients of numerous types. We will report immediately, at whatever point a customer will demand a romantic date with you.

Interims of Work

  • Mondays – Sunday: 20.00 – 08.00
  • This is the calendar of our services. The working hours are your decision.
  • In any case, we are a day in and day out Bangalore Escort Agency, so you should let us know whether you are accessible for appointments ahead of time, outside the scope of your typical working hours at Bangalore City Escort.

Your Advantages

  • You will work with the best partners in a benevolent group, which will give a protected and charming working climate as well as chances to expand your pay considerably. You will get the majority of the cash; we will keep just a microscopic rate to cover the advancements costs. Exact details will be displayed to you after you present the visit structure.
  • You choose when you can work and when you can’t give benefits, the main condition is told us ahead of time about your accessibility for the following day.
  • Whether you are currently an escort in Bangalore or another city, whether you’re working for another agency, there is no issue. Apply now by means of this visit structure, and you will be happily acknowledged into our expert team. In any case, after you become a colleague, it will work just for our agency during our joint effort, since we planned romantic dates just with select young ladies. You additionally have the opportunity to break out whenever this coordinated effort with us, yet you have told us about it ahead of time by 24 hours.
  • Apply now and become our new best companion, in a secret and expert group, which will give you the best occupations!
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