I wouldn’t ever set out trim my hair – I have long, brunette hair is well known with customers – yet every once in a while I want after a short hair style. 
I consider how much less demanding short hair is manage. I could simply wash and go, for instance, so simply out of intrigue I chose to get some information about what they thought of long hair. 
It’s most likely not astonishing but rather most of the general population I solicited were against the thought from me trimming my hair off. Long hair is imperative for some customers. They cherish its gentility and its uncommonness, as there are much a bigger number of individuals with other hair hues than darker.
Men adore my long, darker hair and dim looked at mix. My hair descends practically to my midriff and it is in great condition through normal molding medicines and I steer far from an excessive amount of hairspray. 
One customer surprised me, however. I said I was considering trimming my hair – just to a brilliant, bounce length – and he said he figured I would suit a pixie edit. 
He remained behind me and scooped my hair up in his grasp. “Like this, you see… ” With my virtual cut, I could perceive what he implied. Without the hair tumbling down my back, my face was brought into sharp alleviation. My cheekbones looked higher and more keen, and my eyes looked considerably greater. 
“You’d suit it,” he said as he dropped a kiss on my uncovered shoulder. “The differentiation between your short hair, your impeccable face and those ravishing bends would be thump out. Also, in the event that you like, I could get you a meeting with one of the city best beauticians… ” 
Goodness sky, it was enticing. I envisioned the alleviation I would feel as those substantial locks were slashed off, and how much time I would spare each week on washing and drying it. However, at last, I need to consider the dominant part and the larger part of men cherish brunette ladies and love the long hair. 
My long colored hair is staying put for now!
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